Privacy policy of Kyudo ScoreBookTeam

  1. Scope
    It applies to all services the Kyudo ScoreBookTeam(Hereinafter referred to as “this application”)does.
  2. Application provider who acquires information
  3. Basic policy on protection of personal information
    Personal information is information that can identify a viewer, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. Regarding personal information, this application does not acquire any personal information.
  4. Information to be acquired with this application
    1. Application identification number for sending information from the application
    2. Advertisement ID
  5. Method of acquisition
    It gets automatically at the time of application start
  6. Purpose of use
    1. Send notification from application
    2. For the purpose of determining whether advertisement distribution, advertisement effect measurement, fraud countermeasure, targeting at advertisement delivery, or opting out of targeting is done at external partner
  7. About cancellation of information acquisition
    Please uninstall this application to stop obtaining information by this application